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24.03.08 | Neuromantic , @, další tvorba | 3321 x | vypínač

Misty and dark is the city in the rain,
And so is my tortured mind
when I´ve returned home once again
To take my revenge on the human kind.

I´ve been empty for years of unjust charge,
my soul is dead, heart broken,
my grief as East London is rotting and large,
my demon of hate awoken.

Come on! I want you all to share my pain!
I want your blood your throats your cries!
Don´t you worry - not a bit of flesh in vain -
Londoners will love you in our yummi meat pies!

I´ve come here to have you and
then find my peace in grave,
to hug the life you took away from me
- you sir, how ´bout a shave?!

And when the city gets gloomy and flooded with blood
- even now after all I can barely forget -
I´m going to slit my own pale throat
for I´m already ages and ages spirit-dead.

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